Can we stop the oversupply madness? 
There is a trend that I’m seeing in breastfeeding circles toward pumping unnecessarily early and often to build an oversupply. Breastfeeding works on supply and demand. The more you remove the more you make. Oversupply is when a mother produces milk far in excess of what her baby needs to consume. Despite the age old adage to “feed the baby not the freezer,” Women are pumping around the clock to remove as much milk as possible and build a “freezer stash” of 500-2000oz and above.  

Why? Women have different reasons. Some are pumping to donate, some because a major surgery is looming and they want enough milk for their baby through the first year, and some…well some women are pumping excessively, stealing time from their lives and sometimes causing themselves health problems like mastitis, because they are simply afraid of not having enough.
The fear of not enough. What a theme of modern motherhood…
Now don’t jump down my throat. I’ve nursed three children and my supply has always ranged from “OMG I’m freaking out what am I going to do” days to “whew, I actually have just enough” days, so I know that fear intimately.
I understand the temptation to hoard all that you can, but hear me out. The milk a mama makes for her baby changes. From day to day and month to month it is tailored for her baby’s needs. The milk a mama makes today is composed to be the very best nutrition for the baby’s needs for that day.
So I got to thinking. Where else in our lives are we afraid? Where else are we holding on to provision/people/habits that were meant to only serve us yesterday, instead of having faith that provision will come tomorrow and be better for us in every way?
Maybe the key to living the life that we really want is kind of like breastmilk…if we can practice focusing on the present, and not succumb to the anxiety of “not enough,” we can give tomorrow permission to surprise us with something even better. Because here’s the deal. Just like as baby grows his/her milk needs change, as you grow you are changing too. And I’m not saying it is a bad thing to have too much of something, I’m just saying be sure that what you’re holding on to is perfectly meeting your needs.
Because Isn’t that what we all are really after?
Boobs Do It All!

So, because I’m a mom, it took a few days into the new year for me to finally get around to listening to the message from my church on New Year’s Eve.

I’m not terribly superstitious, but I’d heard somewhere that whatever you are doing when the clock strikes 12 will be what you are doing all year. Knowing that, I was sure to be asleep as 2016 turned into 2017. First, because, who can stay up until midnight and second, with my perpetual mom exhaustion, I’d be damned if I wasn’t going to at least try to get that hocus pocus to work for me.

When I finally got around to watching, the pastor began the message by praying, “Lord, help me relax into the anointing you have placed on my life.” He was asking God to help him be who he already was.

Now I don’t know if you believe in God or the Universe or whatever else, but this totally resonated with me and motherhood.

“Relax into the anointing.”

The fact is that you are the perfect mother for your baby.

Surgical birth, natural birth, nursing, pumping, supplementing, working in the home or outside, amazing Pinterest creations or Amazon Prime packages. You were chosen to be the mother to your baby from millions and millions of possibilities.

Anointed for the job, one might say.

So relax into that anointing mama. Know that you were made to mother your baby in the way that is best for your family.

Isn’t it nice to be able to add rest to that long list of new year’s resolutions?

Relax mama. You got this.

Boobs Do It All,


Recently we held a promotion for a group of over 2000 hard working lactation consultants.

We loaded up a Starbucks card, sent the barcode to the group, and told them to have a coffee on us. Some folks had totals that seemed like a tall drip coffee…nothing fancy…just their little bit. Some folks racked up totals that I didn’t even know were possible at Starbucks. They must’ve bought drinks for the whole line, indulged in all the sparkling specialty holiday gifts and got a venti quad shot extra extra extra for themselves.

It was so fun and interesting to see the purchases come in from all over the country, and it got us to thinking. As mamas, we almost always are the former kind of person. We give to everyone else, but only take the little (if anything) that may be left over.

This is true especially for pumping moms. From the anxiety around what we are eating and the water we are drinking, to wondering if that Altoid mint is the reason we pumped three ounces instead of four, not believing we are productive enough at work or having productive enough pumping sessions, we are always thinking always about not being enough.

We hold on to that blog we read about formula being “evil” and the guilt of “supposed to” and what’s “natural” and the myth of “try harder” and the advice to do this “elimination diet” with the whole world telling you that in order to be a good mother you have to sacrifice more and more and more.

That labor of love is what the world is made of…mamas carrying life, giving birth, then carrying life.

But as this year closes and we pump into the next, I want you to look for opportunities to have your fill, mama. To give of course, but also to take. To indulge and to love and sacrifice for yourself in the way that you do for your family.

You deserve the double venti extra extra extra too. Here’s to a 2017 where you decide to have it.

Boobs do it all,