Brauxiliary Band - Plum

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The Brauxiliary Hands-Free Breastpump Band is a bra attachment that turns your bra into a hands-free pumping bra. Just clip the center band around the center of your preferred bra. Then clip each of the side bands around the shoulder straps of your bra. The clip system is fully adjustable and one size fits most everybody from petite to very well endowed. Next, lift the back band, insert the pump flange and pump hands-free. The Brauxiliary Band is comfortable, compact, and the most versatile hands-free pumping accessory a mom can buy!

About the product

  • Your Bra – Women can turn the bra of their choice into a hands-free pumping bra. Saves a mother time and lends her confidence. No undressing and redressing.
  • Nurse & Pump Option – Mothers are able to nurse and pump simultaneously if needed.
  • Time Savings – Less time can be used setting up and more time can be used to pump, answer emails, take calls, research, write, etc.
  • Size – Compact in size, discreet and will fit with ease in purses, pump bags, or a laptop bag.
  • Comfort – The Brauxiliary Band is made of soft nylon making it very comfortable to wear throughout the day.